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The Lung Associates

"Easy Beeper has completely revolutionalized the way we communicate with our staff and patients. It's reliable, cost effective and just smart."

The Plumbing Group

"Easy Beeper has enabled our workers on call to communicate right with a customer immediately through our site....totally awesome!"

Real Estate / Condos

"This has streamlined the way prospective buyers contact the listing agent. The interested party just enters the MLS or Street address, and the agent gets leads right to thier phone!"

Tenant Repair Calls

"No more calls to the office! The tenant selects his problem area and the message is sent right to the phone of the appropriate repair man. Simple!"

Volunteer Fire Department

Save your department money and streamline the way you get these importmant messages out.

Restaurant Staff Communication

Communicate important meetings and other information with your staff. You can also communicate shift change requests to keep employees' information private and fill up those gaps that appear in the schedule.

Disaster or Emergency Notifier

No more phone trees! Get the message to your team in seconds...


Pass important information immediately to your team. Venue changes, equipment requests, and even change of plans for all you soccer moms out there can be really easy.