How EasyBeeper Works

EasyBeeper works by using proprietary technology to pass communication from the web or from a phone call to the appropriate person(s) depending on the time and which device the user elects. Here are some of the ways it can be used with examples below.

  • Caller calls your Easybeeper number or your regular business number that is forwarded to our system. You can play a pre-recorded custom greeting, record the callers message, and then forward the message to the appropriate person(s) on the schedule.
  • Place our contact box directly on your site. The instalation is fast and easy and we're more than happy to help if you need help.
  • We will create a basic webpage for you with a URL of your choice. This will make it easy for users or customers to send you a message.
  • You can login to the EasyBeeper interface and send messages to your entire group, keeping them informed of important information.

You can click on features to the right to get a better understanding of how these messages can be delivered and how the program operates. You can also view examples at our Product Demo Page

Option 1
Forward a caller's phone call or message.

This method was designed to replicate a traditional answering service. You can set it up to play a pre-recorded custom greeting to your callers and have them leave a message. This message would then be directed to the person(s) on your schedule.

An example of message forwarding:

System: "Thank you for calling Gotham City Plumbing's after hours line. Please leave your name, number, and decription of your problem, and our emergency technician on call will return you call within 5 minutes." ***BEEP***

The system will then check the schedule and process the message according to your setup.

Option 2
Send messages directly from your website

We have a form that you can embed into your current website with one line of code. Any changes you make to the form within the Easy Beeper system will dynamically be reflected on your site!

Remote Form

Option 3
Send messages from your Easy Beeper website.

If you prefer, or you do not currently have a web site, we can create one for you with a url of your choice. Within the Easy Beeper system, you can design and edit a simple website page with limited customizable options. Some of the customizations include a company logo, color schemes, links to other sites, and sets of instructions on how to use the contact form. See example below.

Remote Form

Option 4
Send messages from the Easy Beeper interface.

Whether you elect to have a remote form embedded in your site, or a customizable Easy Beeper page, you can always login and send messages through the interface.

Remote Form