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The original EasyBeeper idea was thought up by Dr. Mark Ceraso, a Denver anesthesiologist. He was tired of dealing with the usual answering service that his anesthesia group had to use to get in touch with nurses in hospitals all over the Denver area. He decided to take it upon himself to make the system more efficient.

With the help of the company's IT department, he developed an online paging system that nurses could use to relay messages to the appropriate doctor on call without having to call into an answering service and speak to a human operator.

Needless to say, the new system was such a hit with nurses and doctors alike, that he decided that almost any business that currently uses an answering service could benefit from this new idea. He partnered with Internet Marketer James Blewitt and an esteemed program developer to develop a diverse, versatile system that almost any business could utilize. A year later, EasyBeeper is finally here and much improved. Even if you don't currently use, or need an answering service, EasyBeeper has many features for a low monthly rate that will help you and your employees communicate.

Come join us and see how much more efficient your business will run with EasyBeeper.

Please see our "How it Works" or FAQ page for more information. If you like, you can contact us directly through out Contact Page. Thanks!

-EasyBeeper Staff